Thursday, May 16, 2013

Post-1L Year Summer!

Now that 1L year is coming to a close, the ASP would like to first CONGRATULATE YOU for completing your 1L year.  Now that you’re done, you first need to do one thing: RELAX.  After you’ve had the chance to wind down completely, it’s time to start thinking about what you should do this summer.

Just like success in law school turns on your ability to know your learning style, your success in your life outside of school also hinges on your ability to understand what you need to do this summer, not what everyone else is doing.

For perspective, here are some of the things that Prof. Seigler and Prof. Schandler did the summer between 1L year and second year and recommend you consider doing:

  • ·      Travel
  • ·      Reconnect with friends & family (occasionally over drinks)
  • ·      Go on dates for the 1st time in a year
  • ·      Go to the beach
  • ·      Read absolutely NOTHING
  • ·      Catch up on news you missed out on over the year
  •     Volunteer or take on an externship
  • ·      Lose the weight you gained over 1L year/gain the weight you lost over 1L year, etc
  • ·      Marathon television shows you missed, these may or may not include:

o   Bad reality TV shows
o   Anything on AMC (Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc.)
o   How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings, Modern Family
  • ·      Enjoy Summer Television Programming. We’re looking forward to:

o   Food Network Star
o   Masterchef
o   Breaking Bad
o   Wipeout
o   Million Dollar Listing
o   The Bachelorette
o   Keeping Up With the Kardashians
o   Pretty Little Liars
o   Whose Line is it Anyway
  • ·      Go to the movies
  • ·      Be prepared for your friends and relatives to:

o   Give you a hard time for being “absent” this year
o   Notice a “change” in you.  Law school literally teaches you to change the way you think, so if they notice you’ve “changed” just explain you’re still you, you just see things a little differently now.
o   Ask for free legal advice (which you are not qualified in any way to provide!)

The bottom line is, take time this summer to relax and renew.  1L year is tough and you survived!  For information regarding checking your grades, see our blog posting about how to check them on my.whittier.